Tattered Plaid Publishing

Who Are We?

Tattered Plaid Publishing is an á la carte publishing company, providing the same services as a traditional publishing company. We can do as much or as little as you need to make your writing project come to life. We love books, we love reading them and we love making them. One of our founders even grew up in the family-owned bookstore. Books are in our blood.

What Makes Us Unique?

We have only 1 customer. You. At Tattered Plaid, we provide personalized service to each author we work with. Whether you have one short story or a twenty-novel backlist; whether your project takes 6 hours or 6 weeks, for that time, you are the only author in the world as far as we are concerned.

How We Do It?

Tattered Plaid uses top quality tools and processes, as well as some proprietary tools developed in-house by our dedicated staff of book designers and engineers.

Publishing Services

We can provide top quality custom kindle and EPUB conversions of your manuscript, create eye catching cover art, copy edit, and prepare your project for distribution to top retailers. We can also manage the distribution of your work and provide ongoing file maintenance and upgrades as new capabilities become available for eBooks. See our PUBLISHING SERVICES page.

eBook Conversion

Cover Art

Editing Services

Distribution Services

Our Imprints

Verse It:All™

Verse It:All™ books provide lightning fast navigation in a variety of beloved Bible translations. Finding inspirational verses on your eReader, tablet, or phone during church services or Bible study has never been easier. A Verse It:All™ book contains thousands of cross-reference links that are conveniently grouped and beautifully formatted for ease of use. This comprehensive indexing allows you to navigate to or from a specific book, chapter, or verse quickly and easily. Finding passages in a Verse It:All™ book can be done with 4 clicks or less. Say good-bye to scrolling and slow typed searches. Verse It:All™ books' innovative indexing and linking approach makes it easy to find verses without missing a beat.


Tattered Classics™

Coming Soon