Tattered Plaid Publishing

eBook Conversion

Make Sure Your eBook is as Beautiful on the Inside as it is on the Outside

What We Do

You’ve heard it before. “eBooks are the future of publishing”, or maybe “eBooks will level the playing field.” We happen to agree. However, the conversion process can butcher the formatting of your book. Word processing and desktop publishing applications can, and do, insert unseen formatting artifacts that can confuse off-the-shelf conversion tools, and even the tools used by Amazon. The results can be a blocky, unprofessional looking eBook. Then there is the issue of getting a clean and relatively consistent look across multiple eReaders. Tattered Plaid Publishing takes care of it all, making sure your books is clean and consistently beautiful.

  • Convert your digital file into clean xhtml
  • Customize a style sheet just for your book
  • Create custom Chapter Headers to compliment your book
  • Perform custom font work as required to capture the feel of your story
  • Create a custom biography page with your info, head shot, and web address
  • Create a custom “Other Works” page with a listing of your other works
  • Include a table of contents properly formatted, linked and tested
  • Perform extensive testing on many popular readers and desktop apps

Cover Art

"A Picture may be worth a thousand words, but a great cover is worth about 80,000."

Great eBook Covers Make Great Print Covers, but it Rarely Works the Other Way Around

What We Do

Covers are as important now as they have always been, perhaps even more so. They grab the eye and draw the attention. They are your first opportunity to communicate with the reader, to tell them what your book is about, what your style is about, what YOU are about. Unfortunately, in the land of eBooks, that first impression is limited to a 100×135 pixel thumbnail. The Cover Art at Tattered Plaid is designed SPECIFICALLY to look good on Amazon and other websites in the smallest format. We even do our initial prototyping of your design in small scale to ensure it will be legible and decipherable from the very beginning. The key to good ebook cover design is to keep it simple.

  • We use large, bold typography to ensure your book stands out
  • We use distinct visual elements for a clean, dramatic look at any size
  • Perform custom font work as required to capture the feel of your story

Editing Services

Put Your Best Face Forward with the Cleanest, Most Error Free Product Possible

What We Do

If you are like our editors, reading a typo in a book is like hearing a flat note in an opera: it ruins a beautiful piece of art. Make sure your readers are able to enjoy your book without distraction by having your work copy-edited.

At Tattered Plaid we pride ourselves on finding and correcting errors in as cost effective a way as possible. We have even found errors original print publishers missed! We use advanced, proprietary processing tools and follow it up with a careful hand review of each page to make sure we have caught as much as (literally) humanly and electronically possible.

  • Use proprietary software to quickly find and correct most grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors
  • Perform a detailed hand edit to ensure the more subtle errors do not escape into the wild
  • Work with you to ensure the essence of your work is preserved throughout the editing process

Distribution Services

"The more eyes that land on the cover of your book, the more sales you make. It's simple math, really."

Getting Your Book Built is Only Half the Battle

What We Do

Publishing your eBook isn’t hard. It is, however, time consuming. Which retailers offer the most access to readers? Which are a moderate waste of time? Tattered Plaid keeps its eyes on the industry and only works with the top retailers…and we are adding more all the time.

Self-Publishing can also be an expensive proposition if you start buying ISBN numbers individually. Tattered Plaid’s Distribution and Management package includes two ISBN numbers, one each for the epub and mobi/kindle versions of your work. All proceeds are distributed directly to you.

  • Verify our files to ensure trouble free uploads
  • Provide two free ISBN numbers, a $250 value if purchased separately
  • Distribute your works to all the big players
  • Distribute your money
  • Provide you with a detailed monthly sales report
  • Provide tax forms at the end of the year, so Uncle Sam gets his cut
  • Update your book file as technologies change to maintain the highest quality product and take advantage of technological advances